Finding the time to exercise can sometimes seem like an impossible feat with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.   How can you make time to maintain your Pilates Physique? The good news is, because the Pilates and Gyrotonic methods are so effective and specific, the connections that you make create muscle memory and you get more out of your workout. When taught  correctly, the body doesn’t forget what it’s learned. If you do not have time to take a whole class, even a 15 – minute Pilates or Gyrotonic workout will target the entire body while keeping you strong, toned and flexible.

Once you invest in a proven exercise method such as Pilates or Gyrotonic, your muscle memory remains, even if you’ve taken some time off.  The beauty of these types of exercise techniques is that when you want to jump back into the practice, your body and mind instinctively follow because you’ve established core strength.  So whether you can fit in a 55 minute class or 15 make a the most of every minute and your body will thank you!

Best in heath-

Donna Singer