October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Fight for a cure! Donation-based Pilates classes at CFM!
Join us this month at Center For Movement for donation-based Pilates classes.  All proceeds will go directly towards the Susan G. Komen foundation; click on the link below to visit the foundation’s website and learn more about the search for a cure.
Susan G. Komen Foundation
Keep reading for more information about class times, dates, and studio locations.

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Q & A with CFM’s Senior Instructor Alexia Simmons

Why did you get Certified in Pilates?
I fell in love with its focus on strength, flexibility and alignment. […]

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Center for Movement is now on Facebook and Pinterest!

Center for Movement is excited to finally share with you all our fabulous new Pinterest and cutting […]

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With the Pilates Method, Less is More

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to exercising, what really counts is concentration. Joseph Pilates was a pioneer in physical conditioning […]

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Q & A with CFM’s Senior Pilates Instructor Anna Moy

Why are you so passionate about Pilates? “I’m passionate because […]

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Video Demonstration: Tease me Teaser!

Tease Me Teaser! Check out this amazing and motivational video of the Pilates Teaser! Incredible show of ways to improve your “teasing” abilities.

Click Here!

Courtesy of The Pilates Tree Magazine.

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Q & A with CFM’s Melissa Woyshner

Why did you get Certified in Pilates?
Pilates centers both my mind and body. Why not help others feel the same way.

Why are you so passionate about Pilates?
Pilates is like a puzzle for your body it puts all the pieces back together. I always feel longer, leaner and more refreshed after a session.

What’s your favorite/least favorite Pilates exercise to teach?
I absolutely love teaching Spine Stretch Forward and the Saw.

What type of client inspires/challenges you?
I learn from all my clients. I love to see the positive results of all their hard work and dedication.

What profession other than Pilates would you like to attempt?
Yoga instructor

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Pilates For the Mind? A Requisite For Happiness?

Looking for more reasons to love Pilates? Take a look at this article we found courtesy of Pilates Tree Magazine.  Enjoy.


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I found the right home.

I am working on becoming a certified Pilates apparatus trainer at a wonderful place. It took three years of searching which included spending over 2,000.00 on a program that changed its regiment and training midway and moved its location across the country. But, last month I found the right studio, a classical Pilates studio called Center for Movement.

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12 Pilates Moves That Will Redefine Fitness for You This Year

BROOKE SILER / HUFFINGTON POST – What does being fit look and feel like to your innermost informant? Is it limited to shape, tone, and size, or is it based on quality of movement? […]

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