Q & A with CFM’s Senior Instructor Jean McCabe

Why did you get Certified in Pilates?
I was a professional ballet dancer with The Stuttgart Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet. After an injury that stopped my career I taught Yoga for a few years . Then I found Pilates. It was the perfect next step for me to integrate movement with strengthening exercises. I was intrigued with the endless variations and combinations of exercises, reminiscent of dance.


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Q & A with CFM’s Senior Instructor Alexia Simmons

Why did you get Certified in Pilates?
I fell in love with its focus on strength, flexibility and alignment. […]

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Center for Movement is now on Facebook and Pinterest!

Center for Movement is excited to finally share with you all our fabulous new Pinterest and cutting […]

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Off the Mat and On the Menu: Staying Healthy and Happy!

“Breathing in, I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile,” Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Han reminds us.


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Video Demonstration: Tease me Teaser!

Tease Me Teaser! Check out this amazing and motivational video of the Pilates Teaser! Incredible show of ways to improve your “teasing” abilities.

Click Here!

Courtesy of The Pilates Tree Magazine.

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How to Keep Older Muscles from Fading Away

Exercise and healthy diets aren’t only for the “young”, and there is a reason why our wiser generations are choosing Pilates as their preferred exercise!

Research shows that most people show a decline in muscle mass from their early 40’s on, and it is more important than ever to continue (or begin!) to exercise and prevent your muscles from frailty!

Pilates is the perfect exercise to build healthy muscle without having to go “weight-lifting” at the gym. The use of light springs along with your own body weight adds to the weight bearing resistance which promotes healthy muscle mass. It is a gentle but effective exercise method that targets your body’s strengths and weaknesses, with exercises that can be adjusted for your needs! Try a class today!!!

**Article provided by The Wall Street Journal.


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Are Men afraid of Pilates?

“Most men love sports, which require strength, flexibility, stability and balance—so why aren’t more men flocking to Pilates studios?”

Here at Center For Movement, we’ve experienced this strange phenomenon as well (with exception to some brave souls!)

So tell us boys, what’s the deal?!

          Check out this great article from Pilates Style!

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Pilates For the Mind? A Requisite For Happiness?

Looking for more reasons to love Pilates? Take a look at this article we found courtesy of Pilates Tree Magazine.  Enjoy.

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Co-Owner Elle Jardim shares her fitness expertise with the Journal News.

Ask the Experts!

Our lovely co-owner and director ELLE JARDIM gives her expert advice on how to find YOUR right time to exercise!

“The most important thing is sticking with it, and scheduling it for the same time every day. That’s where I see the most success.” -Elle Jardim, co-owner and director of Center For Movement

Finding the right time for YOU is half the battle, but once you do it can change your life!

See the article online here at

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CFM Client Dr. Hilary Reich Talks to Dr. Oz about Aging

Dermatologist Dr. Hilary Reich has been practicing Gyrotonic at Center For Movement for the past 7 years. “Gyrotonic is the greatest gift I can give my body each week. I came to Center For Movement as a pilates student and after meeting with one of CFM’s Gyrotonic instructors, made the transition. […]

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